Editing the Product Description (Tourwriter Integration)

The latest Minim release lets you edit the description on an Itinerary Proposal. The changes made to the Itinerary Proposal description carries through to the Itinerary Final view. 

The following text is pushed to the Product description section: 

  • Text added to the Description tab for an Accommodation Supplier 
  • Text added to the Description field in the Setup subtab of a Product.

To edit the description text on a proposal: 

  1. Open an itinerary and head to the Proposal page. 
  2. Scroll down to the Proposed Itinerary section. A description of all the bookings is displayed in this section.
  3. Click the edit symbol to start editing the text as displayed in the image below.

start editing the body text.

The following options are available to edit the Product description:

Symbol Description
Changes text to Bold
Changes text to Italic
Changes text to Underlined
Adds a hyperlink
Adds a numbered list
Adds a bulleted list

Important Pointers

  • Clicking outside the editable window or pressing Enter will save the changes.
  • The description text of a Transportation Product cannot be updated.  
  • The itinerary description is predominant over supplier text, so when the supplier description is updated, itinerary text will not be refreshed. 
  • You cannot edit the text pushed across from the Quick Publishing 1, Quick Publishing 2 or Voucher Note fields. The edit function only applies to Supplier Publishing body text.

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