User Roles

There are two user roles in Minim, Agent and Admin. The Admin has a few privileges over the Agent. Let's take a look at some of the tasks that you, as an Admin, can perform.

Managing Invites

As your organisation's admin, you can manage invitations sent to other organisation members. You can invite a new member, resend an invite, and also cancel a pending invite.

Inviting a new user

As an admin, you can add a new user to your team through a few simple steps:

  1. Head to Organisation > Team on the Minim Navigation bar.
  2. Select Invite team member
  3. Enter the new team member’s details and assign them a Role - Admin or an Agent. The role determines their privileges in the organisation. 

  1. Click Send invite to send an invite through email.

Note: When the invitee clicks Activate my Account, they are prompted to create a new password. Once done, they can log in to Minim.

Cancelling a pending invite

With the admin privilege, you can cancel an invite sent to a user. The status of the invitation must be Pending to cancel an invite. The steps to cancel a pending invite are:

  1. Head to Organisation > Team on the navigation bar.
  2. Access the Options menu. The Options menu can be seen by clicking the three vertical dots at the end of each row, as shown in the screenshot below. 

  1. Select Cancel invitation.

Note: When the user clicks the link in the email which has been cancelled, they see an error message instead of being able to set a password.

Resend an invite

If an invitee does not activate their Minim account within 72 hours of receiving the invitation email, the link expires. As an admin, you can resend the invitation rather than sending a new invitation. Resend the invite through the following steps: 

  1. Access the Options menu.
  2. For a user where the Status is Pending or Expired, select Resend invitation in the Options menu to resend the invitation as shown below.

Manage User Activations

A Minim admin can deactivate an organisation user, reactivate the user and edit a user's details.

Deactivate a user

A user can be deactivated when they no longer belong to the organisation. A user whose account has deactivated still appears in the organisation so that they can be added later. 

  1. Access the Options menu.
  2. For a user with the status Registered, select Deactivate user. A prompt appears on the notification bar confirming the user has been deactivated.

Note: When an inactive user tries to log in, they see the following message: "The account you are trying to access is no longer active. Contact your organisation administrator for assistance."

Reactivate a user

A deactivated user's account can be reactivated. Reactivating an inactive user lets you add them to the organisation. 

  1. Access the Options menu against the inactive user. An inactive member has their details greyed out.
  2. Select Activate user to add them back to the organisation. The activation is confirmed through a message on the notification bar.

Edit the user details

As an admin, you can edit a user's details, such as their first name, last name and email address. Email is editable by the admin only.

  1. Access the Option menu for a user.
  2. Select Edit user. This opens up a new window.
  3. Modify the user's information as required.

Note: A user email can only be edited if a user has not accepted their invite.  The status for such a user shows as Pending

Accessing the Organisation area

The admin can further access the Organisation page in the navigation bar. Change your organisation details, including the name of the organisation, the billing address and more. 

  1. Select Organisation in the navigation bar
  2. Switch to the Settings tab. 
  3. Click Edit settings to edit your organisation details. 
  4. In the Organisation settings section, you can enter the Organisation name, set the Financial year, edit your organisation's Sales goal, and update your Billing address. 
  5. Manage your organisation's currencies by clicking Manage currencies. For detailed instructions on setting up your organisation's currencies, refer to the Supplier Pricing article.
  6. You can change your existing plan or update your card details in the Manage subscription section.

  1. Change a new theme for your organisation by switching to the Themes section. For detailed steps, refer to the Themes: How to choose your Fonts & Colours article. 

Access to the Plans Page

An Agent does not have access to the Plans page. Only an Admin can change the Minim plan. To change to a plan:

  1. Select Plans on the navigation bar.  
  2. Explore your current plan options. Select a plan that suits your business best. 
  3. Click Change now to choose another plan.

Accessing Itinerary Information

You can view all itineraries in your organisation if you are assigned the Admin role. In contrast, an Agent can only view the itineraries they have created. 

  • The itinerary displays a symbol with the first letter of the owner of the itinerary.
  • You can hover your mouse over the symbol to see the name of the itinerary owner. 

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