Print your itinerary (Tourwriter Integration)

Minim allows you to print your itinerary to a Printable Document Format (PDF) to share with your customer. You can print both your Proposal as well as your Final itineraries.

  1. Finalise the itinerary before printing it off. Preview your Itinerary before sharing it with your customers.
  2. Click Print to print a PDF version of the itinerary.
  3. Once you click Print, a preview of the print version of the itinerary opens in a new tab. Review your itinerary again before you click the print icon.
  4. You can even print a PDF version of the Final itinerary. Just click Print when on you are on the Final tab

Note: When on Print Settings, tick the  Background graphics checkbox to print the itinerary images. The image below displays the two browser versions of the option.   

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