Media Library

Add images to the Media Library to have it appear on your itinerary. There are several ways to access the Media Library.

Accessing Media

You can choose an image from the Media Library to add to the Itinerary, Supplier and the Supplier Product. Let’s see how:

  • Media Library is available on your homepage. Click Media on the title bar to view your image repository.

  • You can add images to your itinerary at the preview stage. On the Proposal tab of your itinerary, click the image icon to be directed to the Media Library.
  • Choose an image for the Supplier/ Product from the Media Library. When you add items to the itinerary, the Supplier/Product images are added to the Proposed Itinerary section in the Proposal.

Note: Refer to the Creating Suppliers section for instructions on adding Supplier/Product images.  

Adding Tags & Names

Tagging an image makes it easier to search for an image and categorise them.

  1. After you log into your account, click Media to access the Media Library.
  2. Select Add media to browse to an image on your system.
  3. Click the image to name it and to add multiple tags.

Searching by Tags and Names

Once you tag images and add an image title, you can easily search for an image in Minim.

  1. Click the Search text field and type either the image name or the image tag.  

Marking an Image Primary

Supplier image defaults to the images preloaded at the Supplier/Product level. However, if there is a Supplier/Product loaded with more than 1 image, you can choose an image to make primary. A Product’s primary image appears in the Proposed Itinerary section of the Proposal. To select a primary image for a Supplier:-

  1. Select the Supplier and navigate to the Media section of the Supplier.
  2. The image that was added first defaults as the primary image. 

  1. You can also click the edit icon when you hover over the image to choose a different image from the library. 


  • Only a Supplier image or a Product image can be made primary. 
  • The primary image of a Product overrides the primary image of a Supplier. This means that if you have added both images, a Product primary image always appears on the Proposal ahead of the Supplier primary image.
  • Tourwriter recommends an image size of 1440 x 700 pixels as seen in the Media section. Adding a smaller or larger sized images automatically resizes the image.

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