Itineraries - Create section (Tourwriter Integration)

In Minim, the itinerary building process is composed of 5 different parts:

  • The Create section, where you can see the general details of your itinerary (itinerary dates, travellers details, Notes etc).
  • The Build section, where you can see the entire itinerary at a birds-eye-view level.
  • The Pricing section.
  • The Proposal section, where you can see the itinerary proposal, edit the images, send the proposal and chat directly with your travellers. 
  • The Final section, where you can see and send the itinerary in its final status.

The Create section

This section is read-only. If you need to make changes, you need to head back to Tourwriter and then re-push your itinerary.

The following pieces of information are displayed there:

  • The itinerary name (= The Display Name field in Tourwriter).
  • The start and end dates.
  • The travellers details (= the Passengers details in Tourwriter). Ensure that the Email field is populated if you are going to send the Proposal itinerary to the travellers.
  • Notes (= the Comments field in the Itinerary tab in Tourwriter).

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