Preview your itinerary (Proposal) (Tourwriter Integration)

Minim allows you to preview your itinerary before sending it to your customers. 

Hero image

The first time you click the Preview tab to view the itinerary, you will need to select a Hero image to display at the top of the proposal and this will be the first impression for your traveller/s. Once selected this image will remain, even if you re-push an updated version of this itinerary from Tourwriter. 

Adding a Hero image to your proposal

To add an image:-

  1. Click the Image icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. You are directed to the Media gallery where you can choose an image from the image bank.

Tip: We recommend an image size of 1440 x 700 pixels for Hero images.

Journey Outline

This section displays a map of your journey. The map pinpoints are situated  at  the location of the Accommodation suppliers. 

  • Hover over the city detailed in the Journey Outline to view its location on the map.
  • Zoom-in and zoom-out of the map using the plus and minus buttons. 

Proposed Itinerary

A description of all the bookings will be displayed in this section.

  • The images in this section defaults to the images you have set up in your suppliers publishing content in Tourwriter. Alternatively, you can add or replace an image by using the Media library in Minim. 
  • Click Read more to view the item description, the booking  start  & the end date, the start & the end time, and the Supplier website.
  • Chat with the Travellers in the Comments section. The Comment option allows you to mark a comment completed by clicking Mark as done. Unread comments are shown in yellow.

The Preview Proposal page displays items on the itinerary according to the following rules.

  • Fees & Insurance item will not display in the Proposed Itinerary section.
  • A Destination Information type item does not offer the Comments option.

Note: To learn how to edit your Minim Itinerary Footer and thus co-brand your itinerary by customising the Terms & Conditions, please refer to the Editing your Itinerary Footer article.

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