Collaborating on an itinerary

Minim lets you collaborate with travel professionals to design beautiful itineraries effortlessly. Share your itinerary with other Minim members. Members accessing an itinerary in Minim are categorised using the following terms:

  • Designer:- An itinerary creator is termed a Designer in Minim. 
  • Contributor: A user working in tandem with the Designer is a Contributor. They can be a collaborator added in the Organisation area, a ground handler or even a network group who requires a view of the itinerary.
  • Intermediary: If the itinerary is sold B2B, the intermediary is the agent/ point of contact for whom the Designer has created the itinerary.

Agent Permissions

An Agent's access to itineraries can be controlled using a set of permissions. This section details permissions for each category in Minim.

  • An Intermediary can access most of the itinerary features. While they can't add an item in the Build area of the itinerary, they can view the items added.
  • A Contributor can be restricted with the following permissions.
    • Hide/View the Proposal preview.
    • Hide/View the Final preview.
    • Hide/View the Build section of the itinerary. Additionally, you can restrict the Contributor's access to specific dates within the itinerary end period.
    • Hide/Edit the Travellers added to the itinerary.
    • Enable/Disable the Chat/Comment feature to communicate with travellers.
    • Allow/Disallow sending itineraries to travellers.

  • A Traveller cannot edit the itinerary. They receive a link that directs them just to the Proposal preview and the Final preview view of the itinerary.


The Notes section allows you to add information specific to the itinerary. If one of your travellers has added a comment, you will be notified via email.  

Note:- During the Explorers phase, all those with whom an itinerary has been shared will receive an email notification when a comment is made on the itinerary. We will be introducing the Multi-Chat functionality in our future release. Contributors and Designers who do not have permissions to communicate with travellers will have the Chat/ Comment functionality disabled. 

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