Creating itineraries

This article will help you understand how to create a new itinerary. Once you log in, you will see the Itinerary List page which will show all the itineraries created by you and your organisation. 

A new itinerary is created by clicking the  Create itinerary button in the top right corner. You are then directed to a new Create itinerary page. 

Create an itinerary

  1. Enter an Itinerary title.
  2. Add a Start date and an End date to your itinerary. This will establish the travel duration. 
  3. Once you have added the Itinerary title and chosen the travel dates, click Next for additional options. 

Tip: The Itinerary title will appear in the proposal itinerary that is sent to your travellers, and as such we recommend that you choose a title that you are happy to share with them, e.g. John and Joan McLean's Italian Escape. 

Adding an Intermediary

Minim lets you sell an itinerary Business to Business (B2B). You can share the itinerary with an Intermediary. To read more on different Minim user categories, refer to the  Collaborating on an itinerary.

To add an Intermediary:

  1. Enable the Is your Itinerary for an Intermediary? toggle option to share the itinerary with an Intermediary.
  2. Enter user details. Entering an existing user from the Organisation section displays the user as a drop-down option.
  3. Once added, share the itinerary by sending an invitation.  
  4. To delete the added intermediary, click the Delete icon. 

Note: Deleting the Agent will not remove the contact from the Organisation area.


To add Contributors to your itinerary:

  1. Click Add contributor to open the Contributor workspace. 
  2. Enter an existing user's name to add them as a Contributor.
  3. You can enable a list of permissions for the Contributor. To know more about the permissions available for the Contributor, see Agent Permissions in the Collaborating on an itinerary article.
  4. The Itinerary builder permission presents an additional Edit option. Choose the Multi-select option to choose specific dates when the Contributor can modify the items in the Build area, or select a Date range. 

Note:- The calendar displays dates up to the itinerary end date. The Edit permission for the Itinerary builder restricts the Contributor's access to edit the items till the itinerary end date.

  1.  Click Save contact after you configure permissions for the Contributor.
Adding Travellers
  1. Click the Add traveller button to open a new window. 
  2. Add the traveller's first name, last name and email address. Once saved, the details will appear under the Travellers section. 

The Notes section can be used to include additional travel information including the travellers' likes and dislikes. These notes are for your own use (i.e. private) and are not published on the proposal itinerary.

Now that you have added the initial information to your itinerary, move on to Building your itinerary

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